Deep Soul Cleansing

Removing those deep roots of negativity, heartbreak & trauma from your life is epic.
We use tools of inner healing and encounter prayers to set you free from soul wounds, break strongholds, replace lies with truth, release forgiveness, and close doors that gave access to the enemy.

God desires for you to live completely whole body, soul & spirit

Soul  Freedom

Did you know your soul is the conduit between the physical realm & the spiritual realm?

Your ‘whole’ self is not functioning at its optimal capacity when your soul is hindered, blocked or wounded. 

Your soul is made up of your mind, will and emotions and lives in your physical body along with your spirit. It’s design is to intake, process & store every thing coming through your physical senses, your mindsets, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, feelings, actions & beliefs all the way back to the womb! Every aspect of your life: who you are mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, socially, generationally, financially including your value & identity — is affected positively or negatively by what you feed & store in your soul.

Removing blockages in the soul, heart & mind sets people free from oppression & releases those tormenting thoughts, despair & destructive behaviors. Freedom revelation comes when there is NO dark or destructive thing fixed and operating in the soul.

Our desire is to heal your soul  wounds and remove the toxic junk out of your soul.

“Deliverance is FUN! Everything we do is purposeful in activating your I AM.”

Get to the Root

Sozo is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry.  The focus of a Sozo  is to get to the root of those issues hindering you personally including: physical pain, emotional trauma, grief & sorrow, strongholds, false beliefs, hopelessness, unhealthy life patterns & toxic relationships.

Sozo is NOT counseling. We facilitate inner healing using encounter tools and prayer models lead by the Spirit of God. Connecting you to the Godhead brings freedom revelation, downloads and supernatural strategies that surpasses humanistic advice or talk-therapy counsel.  Transformation is immediate!

Sozo activates your awareness to align with Truth and a sound mind. We divinely reconnect your soul to your spirit so that the conduit between the natural & the supernatural will abundantly flow! 

Your life is heavenly impacted in a real & intimate way!


Your body is designed to ‘eliminate’ everyday, several times a day. Your health & well being depends on a lifestyle of detoxing, flushing out your soul – like a soul enema!

Sozo means:

a: to save  b: to heal  c: to deliver

to save a suffering one, to make well, heal, to deliver, rescue, make whole

Sozo is legit.  We’ve been commissioned to be like Jesus, setting the captives free. He went about saving, healing & delivering people.  It’s activating the fullness of God on earth as it is in Heaven.  

SOZO: Purify & Detox your Soul

  • SOZO is gentle, fast, Holy Spirit led and effective
  • SOZO is a prayer encounter to connect you to God, yourself & others
  • SOZO heals issues affecting your mind, will, emotions, finances, destiny, relationships, marriage & physical body
  • SOZO provides a time of healing, transformation & freedom
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