Marriage IntensivesIGNITING INTIMACY

    How do you cope when your ‘being one’ is quickly coming undone? 

    Every marriage has a 100% chance for success. 

    Before we get started, in our marriage intensive we ask each spouse, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to save your marriage?” If the answer is YES, then expect major breakthrough!  We are confident and excited to see the radical transformation that takes place in marriages & families consistently without fail when new perspectives are reinstated and walls are torn down. We love cultivating eternal shifts that positively affects your past, present and future to bring new direction & positive change to your marriage. Our passion is to realign and reconnect everything that was wounded and hurt in the wake of marital destruction.

    Your family is worth saving.  Before making an appointment with the divorce attorney, for the sake of LOVE – for yourself, your spouse and your children, choose I AM-One to activate everlasting change in your relationship.  Contact us to schedule an intensive Marriage Sozo encounter. We are also coordinating  I AM-One marriage workshops for couples & pre-maritals because our heart is to reignite passion and restore intimacy into marriages.  Take a risk for intimate adventures as a couple! 

    Join our movement to activate healing & bring hope to broken marriages.  


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