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    Why is prosperity, money, riches & wealth so important? Because it’s important to God! He is the one who created money which means there is a divine purpose for money. The foundational verse for financial deliverance is 3 John 1:2  Above all, prosper and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

    Did you know the condition of your finances & health is influenced by the condition of your soul? Healthy soul – healthy finances. Healthy finances – Happy YOU! Poor soul – poor finances – poor you!  A wounded soul directly affects your prosperity level because having distorted views about your I AM (identity/worth) and your Godly inheritance keeps you in poverty. Removing blockages in your heart & mind sets you free from oppression & financial bondage. No longer are you enslaved to the repetitive cycles of lack, greed or other destructive attitudes & behaviors regarding your prosperity.

    Activating I Am combines encounter tools, Biblical principles with common sense accounting to activate your financial freedom. Our movement is about abundance & freedom, and most of all highlights the heart & love of God. According to Psalms 35:27God delights in your prosperity. When you receive the Truth that God really is happy to lavish you with extravagant abundance, grace & favor above & beyond what you ask, feel or think.  Don’t you think it’s time to get financially free? Contact us to tap into your Godly inheritance & to activate your I AM!

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