“Father God, I come to you now with repentance on my lips and in my heart. Grant me the discernment to identify and remove idols from my life and any false teaching or false spirituality. Please turn my heart away from any idols – things or people I’ve exalted above You in my life and turn it towards You. You are the one true God. You are my deliverer and protector because of your Son and your Spirit that lives in me. I pray against any attack of the enemy on my mind, body soul, spirit, finances, relationships and destiny. I take authority over the works of satan and all the consequences my ungodly choices caused my life. Please destroy any connections or agreements I may have made with false idols by your fire. Seal any legal access that gives the enemy entrance to my mind, will or emotions by Jesus’ blood. Remove anything and anyone from my life that does not align with your divine will for my life and my divine destiny.  I cleanse my memories, lifelong patterns, actions, mind, will, emotions and beliefs with Jesus’ blood to purify and restore me back to my original design. I reconnect to your Truth & Love. Use my hands to glorify and praise you and thank you for my deliverance. In the name of Jesus. Amen.”

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