An Encounter is finding out what God says about your issue and aligns you with Truth & a Sound Mind  

The purpose of an Encounter is to connect the person to the Godhead. How? By asking the person to ask God questions for answers to their presenting issue.

Getting answers directly from God’s heart & mind creates a dialogue, a conversation between your heart & mind to sync with your Heavenly Father. One word from God changes everything. When you thought you were alone, not heard or understood, God was & is always with you.  Intimacy is ignited so that you can talk, ask questions, worship, pray, dance & create – just You & God.

How do I know I'm hearing God's voice?

  • Does it make a heart connection to Grace & Truth?
  • Does it resonate with your purpose & vision?
  • Does it line up to scripture?
  • Does it encourage, empower or equip?
  • Does it have the fruits of the Spirit – Peace, Love & Joy?

When the Spirit of God reveals Truth that touches your heart, it meets you right where you’re at.

It feels like heaven touching earth. 

Get your Freedom Revelation

  • Make a connection to the Godhead
  • Realign to your destiny and purpose
  • Find breakthrough and answers
  • Manifest a Fresh Start: Change old mindsets

Expect Real Results – Encounter Ministry

In the Mens & Womens Encounter Rooms, we have seen breakthrough and radical healing when people thought there was no hope. We provide a safe place for people to meet when they have ongoing issues and trauma. It’s a free ministry that is honoring and respectful.  Our desire is that every person walks out free & more connected to God.

For In-depth Healing – Sozo Ministry

In an intensive one-on-one session, we spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours healing your soul, spirit & body issues.  We remove those deep roots of negativity, heartbreak, & trauma.  We set you free from soul wounds, break strongholds, replace lies with truth, and close doors that gave access to the enemy.  Your life is impacted in a real & intimate way.

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