Breakthrough Testimonies

  • God revealed to me a lie that I was somehow  less "Christian" if I used prophetic gifts in the Church. But the lie actually kept me from using my prophetic gifts in HIS Church.  The truth, the revelation brought me to tears. I’m still processing how deeply the revelation has impacted me…all I know is that it did and that revelation in itself brought much healing!  

  • During our Encounter when I had my eyes closed I experienced a physical manifestation. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach which I realized was from stuffing down all the years of being attacked by the enemy. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable.  By the time I was going through the releasing stage, I started passing gas…  Oh, horrors!  At the end of the session, I had to bolt out the door to use the bathroom.  I totally “dumped” and “flushed" everything!

    Mary Lou
  • I didn’t realize how much I had clung to unhealthy things from my ex-husband. I kept thinking He is deceased how can I break it?  When we broke soul ties I finally felt free from all the things that had happened in the past.  I thought I had gotten rid of them but  I learned I could release all the unhealthy things into his memory.  I was like Awesome… I felt free.

  • Don and Rachel Greer have been operating as assistant pastors for Hilltop Ministries a church in Santa Cruz, California for the past decade. They are not only Hilltop Ministries backbone, they support and network with many churches, groups and teams for advancing the Kingdom locally and abroad. They've been up front delivering messages, training impact teams, bringing freedom revelation in inner-healing & deliverance ministry - Encounter & Sozo. They are behind the scenes pursuing heavenly strategies, getting new power tools and running healing sessions so that healed, healthy people can go into the end time harvest. The success and longevity of Hilltop’s impact for our region is largely due to this dynamic duo, the Glory family, the Activators - the Greer's.

    Hilltop Ministries Ken & Shaunna Cornell
  • I arrived to my session in a state of crisis. As a coach & healing facilitator myself, I know how important it is to be vulnerable and open to exposing wounds and raw emotions of the hurt. Throughout the process of my Sozo, I felt very safe & trusted Rachel as she lead me through my healing journey. My heart, soul and spirit were lifted after receiving expert care through releasing trauma, negativity and pain. I was then reconnected to my pure, loving identity. I felt like a new woman after the session! Thank you so much for ministering & healing in this amazingly wise & loving way!

    Blessed in California
  • I wept as I shared about my 6 year journey & all the attacks that were sources of pain, oppression & depression. I was guided through prayer & encounter questions to God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. The word PEACE kept coming up."What does Peace look like?" I was asked. Almost all my answers were visual: I am floating slow motion above & the world continues to move below me. I am full of joy floating. The rays of bright light coming off me represents the joy being spread to everyone they fall upon. The joy of God is great! I didn't feel some radical jolt, but something had shifted & was continuing to move within me. I do know the oppression I felt has lifted. Things have moved. I am released.

    I am healed.  I am thankful!

    Rebecca J
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