Reigniting Passion in your Marriage

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After weeks of fighting and struggling, the passion and the intimacy is gone.  How did my fairy-tale love life morph into this nightmare? How do you cope when your ‘being one’ is quickly coming undone?

Marriages tend to fall into marital ruts, it’s inevitable and unpleasant. When we hit those lows, our default is to spiral into self destructive patterns and toxic thinking.  You & your spouse may feel overwhelming anxiety, depression, disrespect, anger or complete shut down. Every time he opens his mouth, his words adds salt to your rejection and self-worth. Maybe she’s ‘more spiritual’ and she’s  hiding out at church meetings. He’s doing absolutely nothing to value or spend time with the family because he’s emotionally checked. Both of you are so spent there’s no energy for resolution. Your broken pieces are colliding with your spouse’s broken pieces.  You need a tool to break the cycle!

There is hope! When you find yourself looping because of unhealthy soul ties with your spouse, BREAK Soul Ties – the unhealthy and unholy body soul and spirit ties. First take time to sit at Jesus’ feet in your prayer closet. Second repent of all the junk you’ve partnered with and ask Jesus to forgive you, giving Him all the burdens, pain, sadness, rejection, unworthiness etc. Then disconnect from the offense, hurt bitterness and all the consequences of the marital drama. Release forgiveness to your spouse in prayer and face to face. Forgiveness restores the standard in your relationship. Breaking unhealthy emotions, mindsets, attitudes, thoughts, words and memories resets your life patterns. Finally, ask Jesus to fill you to overflowing with abundant love, peace and joy.

New passion in your marriage is available to you!

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