Is the negativity in your life bringing you down?

Doing something good for YOU is vital for healthy self-care. Your soul – mind, will & emotions along with your body craves healthy affectionate attention. Drawing from your wherehouse of negative attitudes, thoughts or actions wears you down quickly on so many levels. We know that in the depths of your heart, you want to be accepted, valued and feel like you’re making a difference. Making positive life-giving declarations will shift your thinking and change your attitudes.

The words coming out of your mouth sets transformation in motion to change toxic thoughts about yourself & what you think of others.  When you speak life out of your mouth, there will be fruit. When you speak death, negativity is the result. Choose to speak life over yourself & others.

Make these declarations over yourself daily to Activate your I AM:

  1. Acceptance – “I am loved & accepted for who I am.” (Romans 8:35-39)  God accepts you no matter what.
  2. Identity – “I am special, unique & significant.” (Psalm 139)  God knew you before you were born.
  3. Security – “I am safe & secure from harm”.  (Psalm 91)  God is your protector. He will keep you safe.
  4. Purpose – “I have significant purpose & there’s a reason for my life”.  (Jeremiah 29:11-14)  God’s purpose for your life will fulfill the desires of your heart.

Life is too short to be struggling with negativity about yourself and your relationships. People will disappoint, abandon, reject or come up short, leaving you feeling heartbroken or overlooked. The good news is God pursues & loves the unloved & the forgotten. He unconditionally loves you exactly the way you are, even when you might not love or believe in yourself. Take time to love on you –  this will activate your I AM.


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