Overview:  Soul Ties are naturally made in relationships with a spouse, children, friends, co-workers, or parents.  But can also be made with groups, places, events or things.  They can be made by blood relationship, emotional bonds, sexual relations, vows, covenants, promises, agreements, drama or trauma. The ties can be made body, soul and spirit. Left alone, the soul becomes a dumping ground for all the broken, wounded or damaged experiences of our life.
Clearing soul ties releases spiritual life into any wounded/damaged area that was filled with pain, shame, guilt, lies, fear, unbelief & darkness.
You will receive noticeable, positive, beneficial spiritual healing in relationships, your physical body, soul & spirit that were previously damaged, wounded or broken.
Process:  Break the ties, send back the other party their *things, have the person call their *things back, and wash all the pieces (sent away and received back) with the blood of Jesus and the emotions of heaven and release life and light into each part of the soul tie being sent away or received back.
Prayer Model: 
“Jesus I break all unhealthy or unholy body, soul & spirit ties  _________. I send their things back to them that should have been valued & safe for me, but they were not.  I send their things back washed in the blood of Jesus, filled with life & light, and saturated with the attitudes & emotions of heaven. As their things return to them, it will not cause shame, pain, guilt, or blame other than what you Holy Spirit would use for your glory and their good.  I release life and light into any affected area of their body soul & spirit. So as their things return, it will cause them to know Jesus intimately and will release supernatural empowerment to walk in health and wholeness in every area of their life!
    Then YOU the receiver call back their *things:
“Jesus I call back my things that should have been valued & safe with __________, but were not.  I call my pieces back washed in the blood of Jesus, filled with life & light, and saturated with the attitudes & emotions of heaven that there will no longer be any shame, pain, guilt, blame, judgments, offense, unforgiveness, bitterness, negative mental playback or bad memories.
I ask you to wash my attitudes, emotions, actions, beliefs & heart with the blood of Jesus. Reconnect my mind to the mind of Christ. Activate my destiny, purpose & giftings to my Godly inheritance. I release life and light into every area of my life that was wounded, traumatized or damaged. And I thank you Jesus, that I will have a greater passion to know You intimately and that I will be supernaturally empowered to walk in divine health and wholeness all the days of my life.
*Things relates to – broken/damaged or wounded mindsets, emotions, attitudes, actions, memories, beliefs, etc that were exchanged with the offender.
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