When your marriage gets restored it’s like returning to your First Love.

We love helping couples transform their marriages.  
Every time a marriage is healed, it’s one of the most worthy and unbelievable transformations we experience. When you get to see the mind and heart-shift of your spouse it changes your marriage forever.  For the past seven years, we’ve been instrumental in healing marriages.
At this time, you may feel like your marriage is in a comatose state, no hope for your future, with divorce looming. Conversation starts from surface level communication then escalates to a ballistic blow-out in a matter of seconds. Or, no communication at all. Spending quality time together, working through a crisis, dreaming together has been completely suffocated out of your marriage. The intimacy is gone.
How do you cope when your ‘being one’ is quickly coming undone?
When we work with couples, we disconnect them from the destructive life patterns that caused the dysfunction in the marriage. We clear out and unroot the source of the destructive behavior.  The walls come down, the relief of not carrying the burdens and the misconceptions fade away.  It doesn’t matter what condition the marriage is in, when God gets reinstated the supernatural supersedes the natural circumstances to bring healing to the couple, and to their family. 
That’s what our ministry does it draws marriage back to intimacy.
 Every marriage has a 100% chance for success

We fast track healing by restoring value, respect & significance towards each other.

New tools & a fresh perspective on ‘how to love my spouse’ is activated.

Isn't it time to be 'One' again?

Let IAM-One transform your relationship with an

Intensive Marriage Sozo encounter

Bring the Love back

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