Our mission is to activate and empower all people to live heaven on earth in real, practical ways. 

We have been called to bring freedom to the captives, heal the brokenhearted, shift Godly mindsets and raise the dead. We reconnect people to the Godhead and bring heavenly encounters so that people know their identity, step into their divine destiny, and live a whole, prosperous life while experiencing the raw goodness and kindness of God’s heart.

Don and Rachel Greer have been operating as assistant pastors by delivering messages, teaching inner healing and deliverance, cultivating the supernatural, prayer, prophecy and activation. They are the backbone of Hilltop Ministries- Ambassadors of the Glory! The Greers are always willing and giving of their time, talents and finances to accomplish whatever is needed. The success and longevity of Hilltop’s impact for the Kingdom are largely due to Don and Rachel and how they move in the supernatural with ease. They have a passion, enthusiasm, and joy of the Lord that is contagious and very evident in the way they minister.

The Greers ministry is multi-faceted because they pursue and truly operate in the Holy Spirit. Their gifting and calling focuses on empowering others and bringing freedom through healing, inner healing and deliverance (Sozo), relational healing (family, friends, marriage, ministry, etc.), physical healing and getting people connected to the Godhead. Equipping and activating people to move in their God-given design and destiny is natural for Don and Rachel whether it is ministering one on one, on the streets, or in a group setting. Wherever they go the Greers are highly effective because they represent integrity and love in their daily lives and in their ministry. It is apparent that God works in their lives by their fruit – every aspect of their lives is blessed and anointed. They are such a fun couple and family!

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