We have been called to bring freedom to the captives, heal the brokenhearted, shift Godly mindsets and raise the dead. We realign people to their identity, authority & power.  Connecting to the Godhead through heavenly encounters ignites intimacy. When people know their identity (know their I AM), they can step confidently into their divine destiny,  live an abundant lifestyle while experiencing God’s divine favor, delight & love.

Our mission is to activate & empower people to live heaven on earth in real & practical ways

dsc_0208We are Activation Ambassadors leading a God, Jesus & Holy Spirit movement that Activates people to their I AM

The Greer’s Christ centered healing ministry is multi-faceted because they pursue God’s goodness and truly operate in the power of the Holy Spirit in everything they do – whether it is ministering one on one, with marriages, premarital couples, on the streets, or in group settings. Don & Rachel’s gifting and calling focuses on  activating, equipping & empowering others to live whole and free in their soul, body, spirit, finances, relationships & destiny. They are Sozo trained & certified as Sozo Trainers in the Santa Cruz, CA region & beyond. Don & Rachel utilize foundational & advanced tools to lead you through encounters to get to the root of the issues & close every legal access point that has blocked your freedom. Every realm is activated to  live heaven on earth in a safe, loving & peaceful atmosphere.

During our premarital deliverance session, we had a word spoken over us. The prophetic word and mantle was “that we would be leaders – instrumental in bringing healing to other marriages, families and people”. My first marriage, Don’s third marriage and a blended family, what would this look like? So with nearly a decade of life experiences, teachings, downloads & breakthrough, we have been mentored, trained up and positioned to move in our calling. We model a lifestyle of being ‘One’ in our daily lives. Using the tools that connect us intimately with each other & with the Godhead naturally activates the supernatural. What we’ve received, we’re releasing to you. We have a passion, enthusiasm & joy of the Lord that is contagious and very evident in the way we minister, build relationships, empower others & live life to the fullest. Even deliverance is FUN!

I AM is purposeful in every realm – the natural & the supernatural. Activating I AM is a lifestyle…

Our movement’s purpose is to save, heal & deliver through God encounters. When we lead you through a soul detox – the cleansing & purification of your soul results in having NO thing fixed & operating in the soul. Anything that hinders your ability to give & receive love is removed. Anything that blocks your identity, intimacy, authority, power, love & sound mind is disconnected. Transformation is effective & immediate body, soul, spirit, health & finances which positively affects your relationships. Healing is for everyone who is wounded, stuck or brokenhearted – singles, marriages, children, families, generations & pets!!

Greer's = Activating I AM

TBN – Sozo Encounters Hawaii style



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