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The needs of the world are so great! The present world population seems unintentional, scattered, unforgiving, bitter and tolerant of modern thoughts, beliefs and practices. Yet the human race is seeking Truth. People all around us are desperately searching for an encounter with Perfect Love – to be comforted, to feel valued. A rest stop – a respite to have Perfect Peace in the midst of the tornado of negativity and darkness.
What is needed is some mighty demonstration of the power of God. Some enactment of the Almighty, that will compel people to pay attention — to look, to sense, to feel and to listen. God uses signs and wonders to bring the multitudes to Christ.  Signs and wonders help those with soul wounds, physical pain, emotional hurts or trauma to fix their gaze on the gospel and Glory of the Lord. Signs and wonders help redirect people to have hope and belief again.
In the face of great opposition both in the physical and spiritual realms, let’s be faithful to pray that God perform signs and wonders in our lives and for our loved ones. Pray for signs and wonders even for the ‘unloveables’. Let’s be purposeful and bold with our prayers for God to stretch forth His healing hand, for God to reveal His mind and heart for you and to bring you back into realignment to your God given destiny.
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