We facilitate heavenly encounters to heal the brokenhearted.
We cultivate intimacy with the Spirit of God by detoxing the soul.
Freedom from past hurts brings awareness to the present,
gives hope for your future & activates your life in a real and fresh way.

Living Heaven on earth


connects you to your divine
destiny & Godly inheritance


empowers you to live
naturally supernatural

Purifying & realigning your soul connects you to your Spirit -your I AM comes alive in your body.  Boldly declaring who you are & choosing to move in your identity is real power.  Activating your I AM opens portals of blessing to flow.

Activation Ambassadors

Our desire is to see your broken heart healed and the junk removed from your soul so that you attract and pursue all that is good like Peace, Joy, Right-living, Hope, and Love.

We equip people with encounter tools to walk out a supernatural lifestyle. When you’re empowered to live completely healed and whole, it allows your gifts, purpose, provision and anointing to be activated.

Our heart is to train individuals, couples, groups, churches and Impact Teams locally and abroad.

Our Vision is to Activate a Supernatural Movement.

We activate people to their I AM

Encounter Healing

Do you feel rejected, angry, or hopeless?   
Most of us think our issues are going to get better on its own.  You’ve done the DIY quick fixes and read self-help books without long term results. You’ve gone to counselors, groups and tried programs with only temporary relief from the negativity in your life.  

      How’s that working out for you?

  • We focus on the solution to stop the negativity – bringing healing that lasts
  • We go after clearing unhealthy root issues which results in healthy behaviors & attitudes
  • We speak into the deep thing of the heart, mind & soul versus talking about the surface level issues

We invite you to take the next step

Marriage Healing

Do you feel stuck in the same perpetual marital rut?
When couples come to us they’ve hit a wall trying to manage the roller coaster of emotions.  They are in significant marital distress and some couples feel like it’s too late.  Where do you start?  How does it end?   

How can we help restore the love?

  • We go after the Truth rather than cover up the deception
  • Love is always at the heart of our encounters
  • We provide a safe place for vulnerability & transparency to expose & tear down walls, triggers & destructive patterns

We see marriages & families radically transformed

Encounter Healing

Freedom comes by purifying & realigning your soul to connect with your Spirit

Marriage Support

Purposing to transform your marriage brings radical change & generational blessings

Training & Equipping

Healing tools are activated in our Marriage & Encounter Seminars to cultivate eternal shifts

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Thanks for your inquiry. Send us a shout-out and tell us how we can activate your I AM.

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